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262: Digging into the Mechanisms of Growth with Qualtrics’s Kylan Lundeen

Kylan Lundeen, CMO at Qualtrics

Kylan Lundeen is the Chief Marketing Officer at Qualtrics where he’s helped revenue growth increase up to 50% per year. When Kylan started “meandering” in marketing, he began to realize the importance of growth versus marketing alone. He says, “the job of any marketer is to influence other people to take action and do something”, but you can only do that when you understand growth.

In their conversation, Alan and Kylan discuss skateboards, valuable content creation in a world of distraction, and the power of educating your internal team on what marketing actually does. You’ll also hear Kylan’s perspective on creating a new category, as well as how he and his team have combatted the marketing competition that is the entertainment industry. Listen in to find out how Kylan thinks marketers should be adapting to the future and what you can do to cut through the noise.  

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The benefit of accepting random projects
  • Why you should focus on growth vs. marketing
  • Overcoming the entertainment competition  

Key Highlights:

  • [01:26] Kylan’s favorite hobby
  • [03:30] How Kylan became an accidental marketer
  • [06:15] “Meandering” through marketing
  • [09:32] Getting banned from Dreamforce
  • [11:15] Becoming CMO
  • [15:06] Focusing on growth vs. marketing
  • [19:05] Appreciating the foundations
  • [21:12] Creating a new category
  • [29:00] Marketing, clear and simple
  • [34:13] Competing with entertainment
  • [40:00] Where Kylan gets inspiration
  • [45:37] A defining experience that made Kylan who he is today 
  • [49:35] What Kylan says is today’s biggest threat and opportunity for marketers

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