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200: 200 Episodes and Counting – A Look Back

Marketing Today with Alan Hart - 200 Episodes

During this 200th episode of “Marketing Today,” I look back at the previous 199 episodes and shares highlights from some of his favorite interviews over the past five years.

We begin with Colleen Sellers, who spoke powerfully about being a working mom and the only female interviewed that day. Then we look back at a great conversation with the late Tom Bick, who had amazing one-liners and advice for marketers that got right the point.

Kim Whitler is one of the academics we’ve had on the show, and we discussed the role of marketers on corporate boards. Then the legendary Phil Kotler told us what has and hasn’t changed in marketing over the last fifty years. He remarked, “Every marketing decision also has some possible impact on our resources, on our communities, on our planet.” I also share highlights from my discussions with Kevin Lane Keller, Byron Sharp, and JB Steenkamp. During my second interview with Mark Ritson, he made an incredible endorsement of this podcast. We close out this episode with highlights from my discussion with thought leader Seth Godin, who said, “Marketing…is the act of making change happen.” I am thankful for the many friendships formed from these conversations over the past five years and thankful, as ever, for listeners.

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today”:

  • Colleen Sellers defines marketing effectiveness. 01:44
  • Hear Colleen’s thoughts on how customer insight drives strategy. 02:19
  • Colleen Sellers on being a working mom and the only female interviewed that day. 02:50
  • Tom Bick demonstrates his mastery of the art and science of marketing. 07:32
  • Tom Bick shares what he thought of as the most significant marketing opportunity out there. 10:59
  • Tom Bick demonstrates his irreplaceable wit and intelligence as he shares advice for marketers. 13:06
  • Kim Whitler on the impact of marketing experience at the board level of companies. 14:49
  • Kim Whitler discusses the place of marketers on boards. 17:25
  • Phil Kotler describes what hasn’t changed in the last 50 years. 19:35
  • Phil Kotler describes what has changed over the previous fifty years. 20:03
  • Kevin Lane Keller addresses purpose in brand. 23:18
  • Byron Sharp discusses his book How Brands Grow. 28:05
  • JB Steenkamp describes what inspired his study of private labels. 30:34
  • Mark Ritson discusses his passion for educating marketers and makes a big endorsement. 32:57
  • Seth Godin sets a new bar for marketers. 37:12

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