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269: Using Social Commerce to Influence Your Brand with’s Meagen Johnson

Meagen Johnson, CMO at

Meagen Johnson is the SVP of Marketing at, a curated fashion marketplace with more than 2,000 brands and thousands of products released daily and only available for 72 hours. 

In this episode, Alan and Meagen dive into Meagen’s passion for marketing beginning in high school, how she ended up at, and the trends she sees in the clothing and fashion industry and social media. 

Meagen believes the biggest opportunity for today’s marketers is to leverage social commerce not just for sales but also for brand awareness. She says marketers need to push to be different and that “what got you here today is definitely not going to get you where you need to go.” What should you be doing to not fall behind? Test, experiment, try different things to see if they work and align with your brand. How does the concept of “shopetainment” and influencers fit into this? Listen to their conversation to find out.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to stand out and drive growth in a competitive marketplace
  • The evolution of social commerce 
  • How being different can feel more personal

Key Highlights:

  • [01:20] Why Meagen doesn’t eat fruits and vegetables
  • [02:55] Falling in love with marketing in high school 
  • [07:45] What is 
  • [10:01] The competition of marketing to women
  • [11:20] Shopetainment: what works and what doesn’t work
  • [16:00] Breaking down influencers, creators, and affiliates
  • [20:39] Meagen’s advice for marketers 
  • [22:35] An experience that defines Meagen, makes her who she is today
  • [25:25] Meagen’s advice for her younger self 
  • [26:18] What marketers should be learning more about
  • [28:32] The brands and organizations Meagen follows 
  • [30:11] What Meagen thinks is the best threat and opportunity for marketers 

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