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Marketing Today Joins LinkedIn Podcast Academy

We excited to share that Marketing Today with Alan Hart podcast is now a part of the LinkedIn Podcast Academy. Over the coming weeks and months, we will enhance our collaboration with LinkedIn and will be bringing the marketing conversations that you know and love to a larger audience.

If you aren’t listening please start today:

Marketing Today with Alan Hart on Spotify

The original announcement on LinkedIn’s Podcast Academy from Courtney Chapman Coupe. You can view the announcement here.

Check out – and follow my fellow podcasters!

The inaugural LinkedIn Podcast Academy shows:

  1. Beyond Barriers, with Monica Marquez 
  2. Career Warrior Podcast, with Chris Villanueva
  3. Dial P for Procurement with Kelly Barner
  4. Entrepreneur Struggle, with Chris Colbert
  5. Everything is Logistics, with Blythe Brumleve
  6. Fading Memories, with Jennifer Fink
  7. Human Capital Innovations (HCI) Podcast, with Jonathan H. Westover, PhD
  8. I Have A Podcast, with Vinnie Potestivo
  9. Marketing Today with Alan Hart, with Alan Hart
  10. Meta Talkz, with Kate Hancock
  11. Press 1 For Nick, with Nick Glimsdahl
  12. Redefining Work, with Lars Schmidt
  13. Sustainable Packaging, with Cory Connors
  14. The Black Fundraisers’ Podcast, with Kia Croom
  15. The Edge of Work, with Al Dea
  16. The Forbes Books Podcast, with Joe Pardavila
  17. The Innovation Storytellers Show, with Susan Lindner
  18. The NoDegree Podcast, with Jonaed Iqbal
  19. Women in Tech Podcast, with Espree Devora

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