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BONUS: Our Biggest Marketing Lessons and Opportunities with Alan Hart, Marc Binkley, and Stef Hamerlinck

aCast Podcast - Guest Appearance - Alan Hart, Stef Hamerlinck, Marc Binkley

This is a BONUS episode from Marc Binkley and the Anstice aCast podcast where Alan, Marc, and Stef Hamerlinck discuss the year in review of marketing and their respective podcasts. 


In this year-in-review, Alan, Stef, and Marc share the biggest lessons they’ve learned from interviewing hundreds of the world’s leading thinkers in strategy, marketing, and branding.

Alan Hart, Stef Hamerlinck, and Marc Binkley have interviewed hundreds of the world’s leading thinkers on business strategy, marketing, and branding.  During this entertaining conversation, the three of us share some of the biggest lessons we’ve learned from those conversations and share what we believe are amazing opportunities for our profession.


Alan Hart hosts the Marketing Today podcast since 2014.  Alan is also a consultant for marketing leadership and board advisor.

Stef Hamerlinck is a brand strategy consultant and since 2017 has hosted the Let’s talk branding podcast.

Marc Binkley is VP Strategy & Digital Marketing at Anstice and hosts the Anstice aCast podcast.

Here’s the Marketingland image that we’re referring to throughout the conversation.

Time Stamps 

0:00 – Alan linking business strategy with marketing and brand strategy
2:46 – Why Stef started his podcast on brand strategy
4:20 – Why Alan started his podcast 
5:40 – Why Marc started his podcast
7:23 – Our favorite interviews
10:10 – What topic marketers need to learn more about
16:05 – Alan’s perception of why CMO’s want to get away from marketing
17:40 – Stef’s thoughts on how brand strategy fits within marketing and business
19:01 – Why marketing strategy IS business strategy
20:40 – The interplay between brand strategy, marketing strategy, and business strategy
24:20 – Some memorable lessons from our podcast interviews 

Stef: Faisal Siddiqui How to build a big brand on a small budget
Alan: Mark Ritson Diagnosis of a brand
Alan: Bob Hoffman Advertising for Skeptics
Alan: Branded Entertainment with GoDaddy’s CMO Fara Howard  
Marc: Kaaren Whitney-Vernon on branded content  

30:36 – Why advertising is not strategy 
31:55 – Some memorable lessons from our podcast interviews
Marc: Chris Kneeland are marketers addicted to advertising
Marc: Eddie Obeng the difference between change and transformation   
Marc: Manoj Jasra why momentum is critical
Alan: Joe Jackman driving results through reinvention, change, and transformation
Stef: JP Castlin on strategy in complexity and emergence
Stef: Paul Feldwick on the origins of branding 

41:36 – The biggest opportunities and threats to marketing  

Additional Links

Roger Martin Marketing and Strategy are one discipline 
Roger Martin How strategy really works 
The Proper Marketing Club who designed the marketingland image we discussed 
The Blanding of Luxury Brands
Marc’s interview with Jenni Romaniuk
Marc’s interview with Tessa Sproule and Kaite MacGuire on AI and Machine Learning


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