All-time Download Leaderboard – July 2, 2019

150,000 downloads and counting!

In celebration of passing 150,000 downloads of Marketing Today, we wanted to share our all-time download leaderboard. Below are the top 20 downloaded episodes as of today. Congrats to all the download leaders and thank you for making your contribution to furthering the marketing discipline!

Top 20 Episode Title Release Date
1 63: Byron Sharp tells us what branding is all about 9/22/17
2 36: On the contrary: Bob Hoffman on the state of the agency world 3/3/17
3 159: How to Diagnose a Brand by Mark Ritson 6/21/19
4 43: Mark Ritson tells the truth – the highly entertaining truth 4/21/17
5 104: Mark Barden of eatbigfish on challenger brands and the age of disruption 7/13/18
6 92: Working in tandem: Jim Lyski and Shamim Mohammad of CarMax 3/30/18
7 122: Seth Godin: “I’m just a guy noticing things” 11/2/18
8 70: Bob Hoffman: The Ad Contrarian strikes again 11/10/17
9 41: For Peloton head marketer Carolyn Tisch Blodgett, it’s all about people loving the bike 4/7/17
10 107: Zipporah Allen on Pizza Hut’s partnerships with its new agency and the NFL 8/3/18
11 121: Kim Whitler believes marketers can provide a critical counterbalance on a company’s board 10/26/18
12 87: CMO Tom Klein on marketing automation and the utterly original brand personality of MailChimp 3/16/18
13 109: Marketing Today talks with Digital Darwinism author Tom Goodwin 8/17/18
14 72: Alegra O’Hare: The brand genius behind Adidas Originals 11/17/17
15 108: Jack Hollis relies on his competitive nature to deliver for Toyota 8/10/18
16 105: Jennifer Halloran on leading MassMutual’s comprehensive rebranding efforts 7/20/18
17 40: Professor Jan-Benedict Steenkamp provides a master class on global branding 3/31/17
18 89: For Molly Catalano of Five Guys Burgers and Fries, it’s all about a maniacal focus on customer experience 3/30/18
19 139: Professor Michael Platt connects neuroscience with brand choice and loyalty 3/1/19
20 95: Brandon Rhoten on the time and patience it takes to build a brand 5/11/18

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