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All-time Download Leader Board – March 2022

Top 20 Episodes

In celebration of passing 300 episodes of Marketing Today, we wanted to share our all-time download leaderboard. Below are the top 20 downloaded episodes as of today. Congrats to all the download leaders and thank you for making your contribution to furthering the marketing discipline!

Top 20Episode TitleRelease Date
1194: Historic Ad Fraud at Uber with Kevin Frisch2/12/20
263: Byron Sharp tells us what branding is all about9/22/17
3159: How to Diagnose a Brand by Mark Ritson6/21/19
4240: Unlocking Brand Growth with Belvedere Vodka CEO Rodney Williams12/30/20
536: On the contrary: Bob Hoffman on the state of the agency world3/3/17
640: Professor Jan-Benedict Steenkamp provides a master class on global branding3/31/17
7122: Seth Godin: “I’m just a guy noticing things”11/2/18
8195: Planet Fitness with new CMO Jeremy Tucker2/19/20
943: Mark Ritson tells the truth — the highly entertaining truth 4/26/17
10140: New York Times CMO David Rubin on the paper’s brave new world 3/13/19
11197: Brand Rebrand & Simplicity with Margaret Molloy of Siegal+Gale 3/4/20
12169: From Airbnb to TwentyFirstCenturyBrand with Alexandra Dimiziani 9/4/19
13196: SaaS Marketing with Dave Gerhardt CMO of Privy 2/26/20
14175: Fact-Based Thinking to Improve Your Brand’s Health with Wiemer Snijders 10/16/19
15177: Ad Fraud Myths and Misconceptions with Augustine Fou 10/30/19
16166: Penny Baldwin CMO at Qualcomm on 5G and Impact on Marketing 8/14/19
17168: Anas Ghazi from Kantar on WPP Growth & Data 8/28/19
18212: Advertising for Skeptics with Bob Hoffman 6/17/20
19170: From Sex Toys to Global Health and Liberty with Phil Harvey 9/11/19
20164: Storytelling Deconstructed: The Hard Data Behind Emotive Creative7/30/19