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94: Pras Michél unveils his vision for Blacture

Pras Michel and Blacture

This week on “Marketing Today,” Alan talks with Pras Michél, who, as a founding member of Fugees, is an Emmy-winning multi-platinum recording artist and Grammy winner, as well as a philanthropist, actor, producer, and entrepreneur. And now he stands on what is perhaps the biggest stage of his life — founder of Blacture, a technology platform designed to provide greater access and a voice for black culture, and to demonstrate and provide increased opportunities for the culture’s success.

In this wide-ranging, often philosophical, and uniquely insightful discussion, Pras speaks about his vision for Blacture, why he chose to launch it during the 2018 Super Bowl, and its focus on tech, health care, education, entertainment and entrepreneurship, as well as his belief in the message of inclusion inherent in Blacture. “Think of Blacture like a highway,” says Pras. “All Blacture is doing is adding an extra lane to just feed the world with the stories and voices of the people who have been feeling marginalized and been feeling like they can’t tell their stories.” He goes on to add, “It’s for everyone to enjoy, but now we’re focusing on the culture and their voices, so people can learn more.”

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today” podcast include:

  • Pras describes his vision for Blacture: what it is, the thinking behind it, and how he arrived at the name. (1:47)
  • The Blacture Super Bowl commercial: “Simplicity was the way to go.” (6:14)
  • Providing access and a voice: How Blacture will help the black community. (12:59)
  • “A lot of brands understand that they have a diversity issue.” (21:28)
  • Pras’ take on how brands can connect with black culture: “It’s about being authentic. It has to be real, whatever it is.” (25:19)
  • Pras on his creative process: “A lot of it has to do with intuition, inspiration, and being a student.” (28:12)
  • Pras says that Blacture is a way for him to give back. (31:45)
  • Pras talks about his experience filming “Skid Row,” his strict upbringing, and his love for brands that push the envelope and have a consumer-first mentality. (33:14)