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93: Marketing Today at The CMO Club’s 2018 Spring Innovation & Inspiration Summit

The CMO Club Spring Summit 2018

This week on “Marketing Today,” Alan takes his show on the road. He recently attended The CMO Club’s 2018 Spring Innovation & Inspiration Summit in Marina del Rey, California, a conference that brings together leading senior marketing executives for two days of peer learning, problem-solving breakout sessions, and main stage panels. While there, he found the time to have informal discussions with these six CMOs and heads of marketing:

In talking with these six marketing minds, he discovered the challenges they face, insights they uncovered during the Summit, advice that has impacted their careers, their go-to sources for information, and things that they love and hate (or dislike intently). These lightning-round-style discussions make for bite-size marketing nuggets that are equal parts information and inspiration.

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today” podcast include:

  • Nerissa Sardi on keeping up with constant change, her realization that it’s often better not to ask permission, and why she’s not a fan of everyone thinking they’re a marketer. (1:33)
  • Chris Moloney on the delicate balance of brand investment, his emphasis on hiring top talent, and how he loves it when marketing captures emotions and moments at the same level that rock music does. (6:35)
  • Steven Handmaker on the challenge of maintaining focus on what’s going to make an impact, how Bruce Springsteen’s statement, “Nobody wins unless everyone wins,” has become his personal mantra, and his problem with people’s lack of enthusiasm. (11:48)
  • Matt Singer on the importance of staying connected to consumers, his belief that marketing needs to reassert itself within product development cycles, and why he places a premium on authenticity. (17:07)
  • Alex Romanovich on the challenge CMOs face in comprehending different technologies and applying them to their myriad responsibilities, the importance of peer communication, and his distaste for self-promotion. (20:49)
  • Stephanie Anderson on the need for CMOs to prioritize, her belief that less is more, and why, for her, there’s still no better source of information than the print edition of The Wall Street Journal. (24:50)

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