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91: Change with the changing times: Joe Mandese on the past, present, and future of journalism, media, and marketing

This week on “Marketing Today,” Alan talks with Joe Mandese, longtime editor in chief of MediaPost, which covers the advertising, technology, media and marketing industries, and founder of Bid/r, a direct-to-consumer-audience exchange fueled by a bidding engine that matches brands with consumers that want them. In his discussion with Alan, Mandese covers a myriad of topics ranging from Cambridge Analytica and privacy issues plaguing Facebook to why journalism is more important than ever and the reasons he founded Bid/r.

Mandese is thoughtful, insightful and astute in his assessment of the fragmented media landscape we navigate in today and the impact business and economic models have on it. “The disruptive nature of the media marketplace we’ve created today, and the economic models associated with it, are disrupting and displacing the very important sources of media for consumers, particularly journalism” says Mandese. “Business and economic models have a profound impact on our access to media, the media we consume, and who we are as human beings.” He goes on to add: “And if we don’t think about the economic outcomes of these things, we’re going to be in a perilous state as a species.”

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today” podcast include:

  • Mandese discusses his career covering marketing, media, and advertising for the past 39 years and the incredible industrial revolution and evolution he’s witnessed. (2:18)
  • The fragmentation and proliferation of choice: Mandese identifies the biggest challenges ahead for brand marketers and agencies. (6:30)
  • Mandese points out how tough it is for entrenched brands in a world of disruption (“It’s a superhuman task.”), and he relates an anecdote about fragmentation. (13:42)
  • Mandese provides his take on the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook story. (19:34)
  • Mandese talks about Bid/r, the concept behind it, and his belief that people should have self-sovereignty. (27:48)
  • How much is a consumer’s attention worth? (33:38)
  • Media, nutrition and ecology: How reading Marshall McLuhan and Rachel Carson in seventh grade shaped Mandese’s worldview. (44:07)
  • Mandese believes we will see a new golden age of marketing where brands that find better ways to create meaning for people’s lives will win. (55:06)