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90: Musical artists Magic Giant lift up their voices and transport their fans

And now for something completely different…

This week’s episode of Marketing Today was recorded live before an audience and features conversation and performances from Magic Giant, a Los Angeles band that combines equal parts alternative, indie-folk, and pop with infectious spirit and passion to deliver magical, uplifting shows. The band came to Alan’s attention at, of all places, a CMO Club Summit in Santa Monica, and a friendship was formed on the common ground of connecting with people in powerful ways.

The band has been touring incessantly behind their debut album “In The Wind,” and they are appearing at festivals this spring and summer, including this month at Coachella — Billboard calls them a Top 10 Act to see there.

The case can be made that musicians are the original cause marketers, and Magic Giant certainly fits that mold. They have relationships with a cryptocurrency, greening organizations, and a nutrition bar, among others. And the thing tying them together with the brands in those categories is a common ethos. “Not every partnership is going to be the absolute perfect fit,” says Zambricki. “But I do think it has to be a company we believe in and share the same values with.”

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today” podcast include:

  • Magic Giant perform “Set On Fire,” a track from their debut album, “In The Wind.” (1:59)
  • “Ostrich,” mangoes,” and “hope” — Magic Giant members (Austin Bisnow, Zambricki Li, and Zang) introduce themselves and some of their favorite words. (6:24)
  • The missing ingredient: The band discusses how the band came together when Austin and Zambricki met Zang. (10:16)
  • Magic Giant and their creative process: “It’s like a Venn diagram. When we all overlap, that’s the thing that resonates.” (16:34)
  • Radio, music-streaming sites, licensing and touring: Magic Giant discuss how they get their music to the masses. (22:53)
  • Magic Giant take questions from the audience and perform “Shake Me Up.” (26:24)
  • Magic Giant members relate the powerful personal stories that led them to pursue a musical career. (38:06)
  • Magic Giant perform “The Great Divide.” (45:49)

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