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88: Marketo CTO Manoj Goyal talks marketing automation, sales acceleration, engagement platforms, and innovation

In this episode of “Marketing Today,” Alan talks with Manoj Goyal, who joined Marketo as chief product officer in May of 2017 before assuming his present role there as chief technology officer just this year. In his role as CTO, he is responsible for engineering teams that oversee the Marketo engagement platform.

During his conversation with Alan, he touches on a wide range of topics, including the difficulty in implementing and driving innovation, which has played a major part in many stops in his career. “The best innovations I’ve seen are ones that simplify the experience,” says Goyal. “If you can’t use it in 10 to 15 minutes, if you can’t understand the value in a half hour or less, then it’s probably not a great innovation.”

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today” podcast include:

  • Goyal discusses his career and the path that led to Marketo. (1:35)
  • Goyal talks about being named to the Adweek 50 and Marketo’s partnership with Google. (4:00)
  • For Goyal, there are three distinct capabilities necessary in an engagement platform. (7:38)
  • “Digital marketing has given us some bad habits.” (12:08)
  • Goyal provides a (very) quick ICP primer — hint: it means Ideal Customer Profile — and discusses how marketers can align around and develop them. (18:19)
  • “How not to boil the ocean” — Goyal shares his perspective on AI. (25:33)
  • Goyal on the difficulty in implementing innovation. (29:37)
  • Goyal is intrigued by the role social and people-based networks are playing in shaping the next generation. (32:36)

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