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83: Carlos Mendez: “I thought this industry could use a little more math.”

This week on “Marketing Today,” Alan talks artificial intelligence, big data, and entrepreneurism with Carlos Mendez, the founder and CEO of Data Gran. After starting his career in advertising at JWT and then reviving an agency that had been owned by his family for 40 years, Mendez made another leap. With the knowledge gained from his career along with his educational background and entrepreneurial spirit, he decided to launch Data Gran, a company that is putting machine learning and AI into the hands of marketers.

For Mendez, it’s not so much that AI and big data are taking over marketing, it’s providing more efficiency and effectiveness with less waste. “We believe in something called AI augmentation,” says Mendez. “It is how we bring AI to work with people…we don’t want to replace people, we want to empower people with information so that they make better decisions.” He goes on to add, “We want to provide the tools so that we make people better.”

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today” podcast include:

  • Mendez discusses how his education and experience led him on the path to founding Data Gran. (1:43)
  • Mendez explains exactly what Data Gran does. (3:40)
  • Making sure people and products are working together: Mendez on his role in working with a team of experts at Data Gran. (7:04)
  • How Data Gran differentiates itself from its competitors in the AI space. (9:06)
  • A business model aimed at helping small companies gain an edge. (10:09)
  • Under the hood with AI, machine learning, and data analysis. (14:18)
  • Getting objectives and goals to mesh. (17:51)
  • Mendez on the challenges, and rewards, of entrepreneurism. (23:48)
  • Mendez is driven by his desire to make an impact on society. (27:03)

Hear how Subway customer, Laura Paz, talks about the results of using Data Gran on Marketing Today.