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78: Jose Aguilar of Nestlé believes in the importance of understanding both data and culture

This week’s episode of “Marketing Today,” finds Alan talking with Jose Aguilar, global brand management director for Nestlé Nutrition. Aguilar leads Nestlé’s billion-dollar super premium infant formula category and also heads up innovation projects, geographic expansion, and renovation of the communications platform for the company. He is a true global executive who has led businesses the world over, from Europe and Asia to the United States and Latin America.

In talking about his experience as a global marketer, Aguilar voices his belief in the synergistic importance of a strong understanding of both data and culture. “You need a very deep understanding of the data that you have in front of you. And, actually, one of the key things a global marketer needs to bring to the table is an understanding of the local market.”

Not surprisingly, coming from someone who places great importance on the emotional intelligence necessary when working with people of different cultures, Aguilar adds, “What I’ve learned is to be inclusive. I love to have teams that bring different perspectives to the table, that have different backgrounds — from many angles: economic, cultural and social.”

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today” podcast include:

  • Aguilar discusses how the impact of early exposure to global marketing led to a career he fell in love with. (1:31)
  • The challenge of building global brands while remaining culturally relevant. (4:43)
  • Teams function better when global brand leaders are sensitive to the cultural differences that exist between different countries. (6:53)
  • Aguilar talks about his experience as a global executive and the perspective it has provided him. (12:45)
  • While Latin American brands are far from dominant on the global stage, Aguilar believes the emotional connections they establish with consumers could serve them well. (18:03)
  • “The center of power is moving east.” — Aguilar voices his belief that economic power is tilting toward China and will provide a strong counterpoint to the U.S. and Europe. (22:16)
  • Aguilar believes effective marketers will find success by helping people make smarter, better decisions through organic storytelling. (30:51)