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74: The chips stack up nicely for Jennifer Saenz 

Jennifer Saenz on Marketing Today

In this week’s episode of “Marketing Today,” Alan sits down with Jennifer Saenz, CMO at Frito-Lay. Saenz has a self-described “pretty meaty role” at Frito-Lay, where she oversees the full-portfolio of Frito-Lay brands, including long-term strategy of all the businesses, oversight of communications planning and creation and all creative work that’s done, oversight of the innovation pipeline and insights-capability building, and design and analytics.

During the podcast, she underscored the importance of asking the right consumer-centric question to optimize a company’s brand-building efforts. “You have to start with the consumer,” says Saenz. “You can’t really ask the question, ‘What does my brand want to accomplish?’ You actually really need to ask the question, ‘Where is my consumer and what do they need from me right now?’ And I think if you go in with that perspective first, you’re in a much better place to come up with an idea that adds value to their lives that they’re willing to listen to.”

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today” podcast include:

  • Saenz got her strong sense of curiosity and aptitude for lifelong learning from her mother. (1:32)
  • “I have, I think, the greatest role in the world.” — Saenz talks about her job as Frito-Lay CMO. (3:39)
  • Saenz discusses her approach to driving the Frito-Lay brands. (5:37)
  • Saenz and The Spotted Cheetah. (7:28)
  • No Choice Doritos and the 2016 election. (11:32)
  • Saenz’s take on brand building. (15:22)
  • Storytelling and cultural engagement: Saenz looks at the future of marketing. (19:00)