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72: Alegra O’Hare: The brand genius behind Adidas Originals

Alegra O'Hare on Marketing Today

In this week’s episode of “Marketing Today,” Alan talks with Alegra O’Hare, vice president of global brand communications for Adidas. O’Hare led the Adidas team in the creation of the “Original Is Never Finished” campaign that took home a Grand Prix at Cannes, and she was honored by Adweek in 2017 as a Brand Genius.

In the course of her conversation with Alan, O’Hare talks about the value of courage in leading a brand. “You have to embody and show it,” says O’Hare. “I think you really have to transmit it, be authentic and genuine about it — and be championing it. And be celebrating it when it’s successful.”

That isn’t to say O’Hare endorses a “fools rush in” approach when it comes to courage: “It’s not about taking risks for risk’s sake,” she adds. “It’s got to be part of the strategy, it’s got to be close to the values of the brand, it’s got to make business sense.”

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today” podcast include:

  • O’Hare believes she was defined by both her parents’ career paths — businessperson and artist — to become the person she is today. (1:26)
  • The fuel for O’Hare’s fire: The pursuit of ideas and the desire to leave a legacy. (3:25)
  • O’Hare discusses her role at Adidas. (4:38)
  • Courage and practical risk-taking. (8:40)
  • The vision and creativity (and collaboration) behind the Adidas Originals brand. (10:43)
  • “Original Is Never Finished.” (12:14)
  • O’Hare lets us in on a campaign secret: The power is in the music coming first. (16:30)
  • O’Hare boils down how to achieve more in your brand-building efforts: Do less. (18:94)
  • Ethical, diverse, sustainable: Three elements that make brands inspirational. (22:59)