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65: For Lincoln Bjorkman, it’s always about what’s next

Lincoln Bjorkman is the global chief creative officer for Wunderman — a network that has more than 170 offices in over 60 countries. During the course of his conversation with Alan Hart, he discusses the challenges, opportunities and constant change inherent in leading over 2,000 creatives worldwide. And he talks at length about the impact of the digital transformation on the creative role: “It’s now the air we breathe,” says Bjorkman. “If you want to be a successful creative…you have to change and grow and learn all the time. You cannot ever be set in your ways — you have to master new tools and new disciplines.”

And he believes the future of marketing is about creatives constantly challenging themselves and raising the bar. “The changes are going to be profound…I don’t want marketing to go away. And I want agencies to add a lot of value. It (marketing) will only do that if we have someone saying, ‘That’s great. What’s next? Let’s do more. Let’s make it better.’”

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today” podcast include:

  • “A little bit of everything all the time.” — Bjorkman describes his role as global CCO of Wunderman. (1:06)
  • Wunderman’s mantra: “Creatively Driven. Data Inspired.” Bjorkman talks about the power behind these two short, simple sentences. (3:01)
  • Achieving wantedness: Removing friction to create better engagement and better results in customer experience. (8:55)
  • Bjorkman’s view on the creative craft: “Everything has changed.” (11:18)
  • Collision: Bjorkman explains the tools and methodology Wunderman uses to keep up with the speed and complexity of today’s creative world.” (13:36)
  • The “unexpected hack” — What Bjorkman admires in brands and movements. (26:15)
  • The future of marketing: “Nothing is safe.” (29:25)