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58: Angela Gusse finds the right flavor for Pop-Tarts

As part of an ongoing series of conversations with 2017 Effie-winning marketers, I spoke with Angela Gusse, marketing director for Pop-Tarts at The Kellogg Company. In this podcast, we discuss the “Pop-Tarts Soda-Mazing” campaign.

During the conversation, Gusse talks about her definition of marketing success, which she breaks down quite simply: “For me, marketing is effective when it helps you sell more product, that’s fundamentally what we’re trying to do.” But, as with most things, there’s more to it than that. And, for Gusse, that means a brand also has to overcome barriers prevalent in today’s fragmented marketing universe: “Our message has to be interesting and relevant enough to break through the clutter.”

In the midst of that clutter, Gusse sees great opportunity, especially in creating ways for consumers to connect with brands they love. “The opportunity for us is to figure out how to advertise in way that breaks through but doesn’t feel intrusive,” says Gusse. “I think when you can authentically interact with an experience, consumers love that so much more.”

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today” podcast include:

  • Gusse discusses a campaign created to surprise teens with disruptive content that mixes it up. (1:36)
  • Creating flavor in different ways: Gusse reveals the big decisions that were key to the campaign’s success. (3:27)
  • A leap of faith: “It’s a little bit of data and a little bit of trust.” (6:01)
  • The passion of Pop-Tarts fans: “When they love something, they become your biggest advocates.” (7:01)
  • Gusse talks about the excitement of seeing work in-market: “It’s just really amazing to see the fruit of your labor — live and in person.” (12:33)
  • Living at the speed of marketing: Three-year plans in a six-month world. (18:53)