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54: Julie Hoffmann: the quintessential data-driven marketer

As Adobe’s head of travel and hospitality strategy, Julie Hoffmann leaves no stone — and certainly no piece of data — unturned. After spending 18 years in the Las Vegas trenches working for the likes of MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment, Hoffmann now spends her time at Adobe elevating brands like Marriott, Southwest and Hyatt.

Hoffmann possesses an unswerving belief in the power of data. It’s that belief, combined with a journey she took to Texas as an 8-year-old and a thirst for innovation, that informs her unique marketing acumen.

In this podcast, she talks about accompanying her father to Austin, Texas, where he was developing rehabilitation programs for the blind, helping them to navigate in a sighted world to improve their life. Their shared journey shaped the way she works today, causing her to filter her actions through this lens: “How do you make someone’s life better? How do you make the world better?”

And Hoffmann’s take on how brands need to evolve also serves as something of a modus operandi for her: “Part of innovation is looking at what customers want and then envisioning what they can’t even imagine.”

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today” podcast include: 

  • Hoffmann discusses her role at Adobe. (1:23)
  • “The era of experience is here.” (2:36)
  • Hoffmann highlights four major themes of the digital landscape. (4:55)
  • Hoffmann discusses emerging tech: Voice-enabled search nears the tipping point. (5:43)
  • Listening and sharing: Data paves the way to a smoother — and more personalized — customer journey. (7:44)
  • Neuroscience and the future: The correct answer always is “anything is possible.” (14:26)
  • Two simple observations on the future of marketing: (1) Process, people and roles have to evolve and (2) We have to allow marketers to become marketers again. (21:24)