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53: Ryan Davis goes big with Overwatch

As part of an ongoing series of conversations with 2017 Effie-winning marketers, Alan Hart talks with Ryan Davis, global marketing communications director for Overwatch, a first-person shooter game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

In this podcast, Davis discusses the thinking behind the launch of Overwatch, the critically acclaimed and commercially successful game that debuted in May of last year. For the main focus of their marketing, Davis and Blizzard went over the top, creating 15-foot-tall action figures, complete with packaging, to promote the game.

While thinking big, Davis also believes in the power of the relationships Blizzard builds with their players and fans. After all, they share a mindset: “We’re all gamers. Everybody’s really enthusiastic about doing stuff that we really think is cool and the players will love.” He goes on to add, “We’re building a relationship with our players and with our fans that we want to be long lasting. We want to be really genuine with them, listen to them and collaborate with them.”

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today” podcast include: 

  • Above the noise: Making a big impression in a fragmented media landscape. (2:05)
  • Seeding the market: Getting gamers pumped and finding evangelists. (7:45)
  • It’s a matter of trust: Creating higher-level engagement for marketing effectiveness. (11:49)
  • Working with Mr. T Is bound to define your career in some way. (13:08)
  • Davis believes in building relationships that pave the way for long-haul success. (15:25)
  • Peering into the evolving crystal ball: Davis’ take on the future of marketing. (16:45)