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46: Clay Hausmann: The CMO stays in the picture

Clay Hausmann is the CMO for Aktana, a San Francisco-based company that uses data-driven insights to support life-science sales and marketing teams in providing physicians with the information they need.

Of great interest is Hausmann’s marketing approach, which employs screenplay-writing concepts and methodologies to more effectively tell brand stories and develop brand strategies. It’s an approach that is almost startling in its organic effectiveness and the impact it can have on a brand. This led him to found Treatment which conducts workshops in the approach.

Not surprisingly, Hausmann is convinced he’s got the right idea: “I believe in what I’m doing. Personally, I believe in what these tools and this approach can do to make the marketing experience, the marketing profession better and more genuine for everybody involved.” He goes on to add, “The customer or the consumer really want a relationship with the brand, rather than a transaction with the brand. And the way that you build a relationship is through these story methods rather than a sell sheet.”

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today” podcast include:

  • Applying the rules and techniques of screenwriting to marketing. (4:28)
  • The PowerPoint Rebellion: Ditching the deck for a one-page treatment. (8:05)
  • The notion of genre: Providing context for a greater understanding of a brand. (9:52)
  • Using story structure to identify a brand’s totally unique strength. (12:44)
  • Brand characteristics: Being truthful to what your company is or what it can be. (19:03)
  • Crawling from the wreckage: Hausmann talks about a life-defining moment. (21:50)
  • The future of marketing is the story — not the sell sheet. (30:41)