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45: CMO Josh London is a marketer without borders

Josh London, CMO at IDG

Josh London is the chief marketing officer for IDG, the world’s largest tech media, data, and marketing services provider. In this podcast, he discusses what it takes to unify the brand for a worldwide company that reaches tech audiences in 97 countries, what he learned at an early internet startup in the ‘90s as well as during his time studying in Italy, and how authenticity is key when building a brand.

And he has this to say about marketing in a modern world: “When you’re devising a marketing strategy, especially on a global basis, it’s very exciting. We’re now living in a borderless world where customers travel across brands and across geographic borders. And a marketer wants to reach them wherever they can find them.”

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today” podcast include: 

  • London’s career path: How a literature major learned what was possible through technology. (1:12)
  • IDG — From house of brands to a united brand offering: Presenting clarity to the marketplace. (3:04)
  • Creating a holding company with a brand approach. (5:57)
  • Developing a culture where everyone is “singing from the same song sheet.” (8:59)
  • London’s natural curiosity has taken him down a career path that’s “not straight down the middle.” (18:57)
  • The future of marketing: “It all comes back to data.” (22:44)