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424: Frustrated with 3rd Party Data Quality? Intuit SMB MediaLabs is Offering a New Solution with Dave Raggio, VP of Marketing

Dave Raggio holds dual roles as Vice President of QuickBooks Acquisition Marketing and Intuit SMB MediaLabs. He began his studies in aerospace engineering at Auburn, but found his passion for marketing while running a triathlon team and helping athletes at this school secure scholarships. After graduation, he started off in the agency world, seeking a wide understanding of the marketing world. Eventually, he went client-side with Method and Northface before entering the B2B world when he joined the team at Intuit in 2020. 

Intuit SMB MediaLabs is essentially an audience layer that can be applied to advertising campaigns. It was born out of a personal frustration Dave had with 3rd party data quality and a knowing that there was a better way to execute. In contrast to traditional retail media networks, Intuit SMB MediaLabs doesn’t own or operate any inventory, freeing them to solve for a wider variety of KPIs and increase the efficiency of campaigns for the small businesses they serve. 

On the show today, Alan and Dave talk about what Intuit SMB MediaLabs is, how they compare to traditional retail media networks, and what makes them better at building an SMB business owner audience. Dave also gives us examples of how they are using their audience layer to enhance marketing for other businesses in banking, insurance, retail, and CPG, as well as the phenomenal results they have been able to achieve and what is on the horizon for Intuit SMB MediaLabs moving forward.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • How Intuit SMB MediaLabs differs from traditional retail media networks
  • Revelations around SMB spending power
  • The power of specificity in digital creative

Key Highlights:

  • [01:30] Life as a professional mountain guide 
  • [02:15] Hiking the career path 
  • [04:25] Intuit SMB MediaLabs: what they do and who they serve
  • [06:50] How Intuit SMB MediaLabs differs from traditional retail media networks?
  • [11:10] Why the timing of serving SMB’s ideal right now 
  • [15:50] What working with Intuit SMB MediaLabs looks like
  • [18:15] Examples of results 
  • [19:15] The future of Intuit SMB MediaLabs
  • [22:30] What he learned at Digitas
  • [23:20] Advice to his younger self
  • [24:15] Looking into the future 
  • [25:10] Knowing is hard, but executing is hard too.
  • [26:50] Laser focus and gardening tips
  • [27:50] Identity in the context of measurement 

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