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412: How can we Trust AI? with Jacqueline Woods, CMO at Teradata

Jacqueline Woods is the Chief Marketing Officer for Teradata, the cloud analytics and data platform for AI, headquartered in San Diego, California. Jacqueline joined Teradata from NielsenIQ, where she was a member of the executive leadership team and Global Chief Marketing and Communications Officer. She also spent nearly 10 years as CMO of the IBM Global Partner Ecosystem Division, where she focused on building cloud, data, AI, and SaaS strategies. Before that, she was Global Head of Customer Segmentation & Customer Experience at General Electric and also held roles of increasing responsibility at Oracle for 10 years, as well as leadership roles at Ameritech and GTE, now Verizon. Thankfully, Jacqueline has always loved math, because, as she points out, marketing today is based mostly on data. However, she also emphasizes the importance of empathy and notes that it is essential in creating a space where people can be authentic and drive innovation, productivity, and product design.

In this episode, Alan and Jacqueline talk about where trust fits into the AI conversation, what leaders need to know before launching an AI initiative, and how AI can boost efficiency and productivity. Jacqueline also tells us why underrepresented people, like black female business leaders, need to be involved in AI as it evolves. 

While AI has been around for a while, it became all the rage at the end of 2022 with public access to tools like ChatGPT. AI is based on patterns, some factual and some non-factual. So that poses the question: how do we trust AI? 

That’s where Teradata comes in. By having responsible people create the models, take responsibility, and think critically about the training, governance, and outcomes, Teradata is focused on building the trust required to use artificial intelligence, generative artificial intelligence, and large language models for their “global 10,000” clientele, like American Airlines and United Healthcare. These companies rely on Teradata for their cloud data and analytics workloads. Teradata has been stewards of trusted information and data since they were founded about 40 years ago, and they believe people thrive when empowered with better and entrusted information.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Why is empathy important for marketers?
  • The importance of clean data 
  • Why do underrepresented people have to participate in the evolution of AI?

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Key Highlights:

  • [02:10] What is empathy?
  • [03:45] Why marketers need empathy 
  • [07:00] How a love of math led her to marketing 
  • [10:30] Her path to Teradata
  • [13:15] Teradata’s focus and mission for mankind
  • [14:20] Teradata’s clients, services, and use cases 
  • [19:00] How can business leaders ensure AI can be trusted?
  • [21:50] What do leaders need to do before launching an AI initiative?
  • [26:45] Remaining authentic while using AI
  • [30:20] Creative AI use cases as workforce multipliers and how that may change work in the US
  • [33:00] Why underrepresented groups need to participate in AI 
  • [36:20] What we can all learn from Moe
  • [40:55] Advice to her younger self
  • [41:45] “Of course it’s Ai!”
  • [42:10] Watching the shifting nature of work
  • [44:40] Can you explain what marketing does and why it’s important?

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