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401: Movado Group is Building Brand Loyalty with New Generations, with President and SVP of E-Commerce Margot Grinberg

Margot Grinberg, President of Movado Brand and head of e-commerce at Movado Group

Margot started her career as an analyst at Barclays Investment Bank. She wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted to do at that time, but she did know having a good financial base would help her no matter what path she chose. She has always had a passion for retail, and in 2014, she joined the family business as a merchandising analyst at Movado Group. Eventually, she moved into sales, then business development, and most recently, she spent 4.5 years as the Vice President of E-Commerce, Digital Marketing and Marketplaces. All of these roles helped develop her understanding of the category and company and prepared her for her current role as president of the Movado brand and senior vice president of e-commerce. Today, she is responsible for the day-to-day management of the brand as well as the development and execution of long- and short-term growth strategies. In addition to managing Movado marketing and merchandising, Margot maintains responsibility for e-commerce sales for Movado, MCS, Olivia Burton, and Amazon North America.

Movado Group is a watch and jewelry company made up of brands they own and also brands they license. Movado, their namesake brand, was founded in 1881 in Switzerland by a 19-year-old entrepreneur. Movado Group was founded by Margot’s grandfather, Gedalio Grinberg, and is currently run by her father, Efraim Grinberg, the chairman and CEO. Margot tells us her family connection gives her the passion and inspiration she channels back into the company.

In this episode, Alan and Margot discuss her professional path, her passion for pasta, and the legacy of Movado Group. They talk about her transition from investment banking into the “family business,” the market for accessories, and where e-commerce is going. Margot tells us the retail environment is a challenge, and not just for accessories but across the board. To overcome these challenges, Margot and her team have taken a step back to think about how they can build on their longstanding good reputation and credibility in the industry to bring their brand promise to the next generation of consumers and build long-term relationships with them. One way they are doing that is with campaigns like “connecting the dots,” where they looked at everything that has defined Movado over the years, how they have evolved, and how they show up today to figure out how to communicate their brand promise most effectively.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The history of Movado and the family business
  • Movado’s new “connecting the dots” campaign
  • How Margot and her team are building brand loyalty

Key Highlights:

  • [01:50] Margot’s pasta obsession
  • [03:15] Movado’s history
  • [05:05] Working her way up through the ranks
  • [07:50] Lessons from investment banking
  • [08:50] Taking on the “family business”
  • [10:40] The marketplace for accessories
  • [11:40] Reaching customers
  • [13:00] Owning where they have been and where they are going
  • [13:55] “Connecting the dots”
  • [15:20] Challenges of launching a new campaign
  • [16:00] CSR at Movado
  • [18:12] To be a young, successful female executive
  • [20:40] Losing her mother at 9 shapes who she is today.
  • [22:20] Flexible, adaptable, and open to change
  • [23:30] How do you build brand loyalty?
  • [25:00] Balancing using measurement and instincts
  • [25:55] Marketing lessons from travel
  • [27:00] How do you think about longevity in your company?

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