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389: Brevo is Adapting, Rebranding, and Expanding with Global CMO, Isabelle Guis

389: Adapting, Rebranding, and Expanding with Isabelle Guis, CEO NA and Global CMO, Brevo

Isabelle Guis was born and raised in France but has lived in Silicon Valley since 2001. She was trained as an engineer, with a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Supelec and an MBA from Harvard Business School. She strives for perfection as a ballet dancer, a pilot, and in her dual roles as Global CMO and CEO of North America for Brevo. Before joining Brevo, Isabelle was pivotal in leading Salesforce’s $5 billion Sales Cloud Product Marketing organization, which grew by $1 billion under her tenure. After that, as Commvault’s CMO, Isabelle, and her team transformed traditional perpetual software marketing into best-in-class agile SaaS marketing. Most recently, she served as the Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at Egnyte, where she successfully launched a new content protection solution, expanding their Total Addressable Market (TAM) by a factor of 10x up to $25 billion. Isabelle also shares her expertise as a Marketing and Business Strategy adjunct professor, teaching graduate students at Santa Clara University.

In this episode, Alan and Isabelle discuss what Brevo is, how they are changing the dynamics of their offering mix, and the adaptations they have to make as they move towards serving a new scale of enterprise clientele while maintaining their longstanding small business customers. Brevo was founded in India in 2007 and, until a recent rebrand, was known as Sendinblue. Isabelle tells us why they decided to rebrand, how her dual roles as Global CMO and CEO of North America work together to better serve both markets, and why staying curious is one of the most important things for all marketers to do.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How her duel role came to be and the benefits of intersecting US and global markets
  • Why they are rebranding from Sendinblue to Brevo
  • How the company is enabling adaptation to drive growth

Key Highlights: 

  • [02:10] What do a ballet dancer and a pilot have in common?
  • [04:30] From France to the Valley
  • [05:30] Her path to becoming Global CMO and CEO US at Brevo
  • [07:30] Bridging both sides
  • [08:25] A multicultural creation of Brevo
  • [10:45] Product complexity and having a great engineering team
  • [12:00] How the duel role came about and how it works
  • [14:00] The intersection of US and global markets
  • [15:45] The components that have to be in place for adaptation and change
  • [19:10] Enabling adaptation to drive growth
  • [22:00] Advice for other market leaders
  • [25:30] Lessons learned from immigrating to the US
  • [27:45] Inescapable AI
  • [31:30] Natural disasters and the Barbie takeover
  • [36:45] Differentiation in the Age of AI

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