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367: Building Internal Marketing Foundations with Lara Krug, CMO at the Kansas City Chiefs

367: Building Internal Marketing Foundations with Lara Krug, CMO at the Kansas City Chiefs

Lara Krug is the CMO of the Super Bowl-winning Kansas City Chiefs. Before entering the NFL, she worked at Avon, L’Oréal, and Anheuser-Busch, where she learned the GTMs for beauty and beer weren’t all that different. During the pandemic, Laura and her family moved back to her husband’s hometown, Kansas City, and it wasn’t long before she was contacted about being the Chiefs’ first-ever CMO. They had never had a formal marketing team, so she has been working hard to build foundations and help the organization understand the role of marketing. They are more than just a team; they are a brand.

In this episode, Alan and Lara discuss what it’s like to start and lead marketing efforts for an organization that isn’t just a business but a source of entertainment as well. Lara and her team don’t just market Mahomes and the boys; they also market the concerts and other events at the stadium, youth programs, and corporate partnerships. They are essentially an internal agency working to entertain fans at every touchpoint using personalization and content at scale.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The role of the CMO of an NFL team
  • How Lara is building the foundation for “The World’s Team”
  • The power of personalization and content at scale

Key Highlights:

  • [01:15] What it feels like to win the Superbowl
  • [02:30] When you win or lose, everyone sees it.
  • [03:20] The road from Connecticut to KC
  • [05:25] Marketing focus: it’s more than just a team
  • [07:40] Personalization and content at scale
  • [09:30] A team, a venue, and a media company
  • [11:00] Setting up workflows
  • [12:30] Key Insights from the Summit
  • [14:00] “Believe in best intent” and “progress, not perfection.”
  • [15:10] Rewarding fandom 
  • [16:00] Magic and mispronunciations

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