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356: Normalizing Car-Sharing and Focusing on User Experience with Andrew Mok, CMO at Turo

356: Normalizing Car-Sharing and Focusing on User Experience with Andrew Mok, CMO at Turo

In this episode, Alan and Andrew discuss Turo’s mission, how marketing helps them achieve it, and how he views the CMO role today. Andrew outlines the challenges Turo faced early on, how they got around them, and how a shift to focusing on improving the host experience has been one of their most effective marketing assets. They go into the details of Turo’s most recent “Open Doors” brand campaign and how they are riding the web3 craze by subverting it and encouraging new experiences in reality. As a CMO, Andrew feels like his role is more than just advertising and performance marketing. It’s about solving a problem for the customers. His approach is rooted in holistic thinking and understanding how you are providing value to the world.

Andrew Mok never thought he would be in marketing because he was more left-brained, but in 2012, when analytics became a large part of marketing, he found his path. When Andrew joined Turo in 2012, there were 54,000 users being served in just two cities. In 2017, at age 29, Andrew was promoted to CMO and has advanced the company to over 10,000 cities serving 7 million users. Today, Turo is the largest global peer-to-peer car-sharing marketplace, and their revenue has grown over 250X since he joined. As an Asian American, Andrew always felt different growing up but sees now that differences are to be celebrated. That is the approach he takes to marketing by showcasing Turo’s unique value propositions and living out their brand values of being expressive and grounded. It’s all about celebrating uniqueness and seeing the person first.

 In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • The unique challenges Turo faced early on and how they overcame them.
  • How embracing uniqueness is a personal value for Andrew and how that shows up in his approach to marketing. 
  • Why a holistic view of marketing yields better results than a siloed one.

 Key Highlights 

  • [01:30] How Turo is making a weird thing normal
  • [04:55] What is Turo?
  • [07:20] From computer science to CMO
  • [09:50] The role of CMO from a younger leader’s perspective
  • [10:50] Make sure you don’t have a leaky bucket
  • [14:15] The Open Doors brand campaign
  • [17:40] The role of Unreal Engine in Turo’s new campaign
  • [19:00] Turo’s global expansion and aspirations
  • [21:50] Challenges and benefits of international car sharing
  • [22:40] Developing a passion for leadership in the AAPI community
  • [26:45] How growing up Asian American shaped his approach to marketing
  • [28:30] Enjoy the current moment and reflect on past successes
  • [29:45] Simplification makes you a better storyteller
  • [30:50] The importance of accessible reproductive care
  • [34:40] Get out of the corporate echo chamber

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