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354: Demand Generation and Brand Marketing with David Fossas, CMO at Restore Hyper Wellness

354: Demand Generation and Brand Marketing with David Fossas, CMO at Restore Hyper Wellness

In this episode, Alan and David discuss the mission of Restore Hyper Wellness, the relationship between demand generation and brand marketing, and the dangers of marketers confusing being purpose-driven with being cause-driven. David talks about the siloing and diminishing of the CMO role and how concepts like “Team One” and taking a critical look at new growth titles could help remedy this.

David Fossas calls himself “The Accidental Marketer,” but is actually an accomplished marketer who has worked with over 35 brands, including General Motors, Verizon, HP, Visa, and Philips Health. He is currently serving as the Chief Marketing Officer for Restore Hyper Wellness, where he oversees consumer experience, marketing communications, and revenue operations to drive business growth and brand value. David emphasizes taking an adaptive approach to being a CMO and the importance of acting as a thought partner to the CEO and CFO. He also touches on topics such as the untapped potential of marketing, the true purpose of purpose-driven companies, and the impact of ongoing digital transformation.

 In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • Why David sees demand generation and brand marketing as dependent on each other
  • What is leading to the CMO’s influence over “The 4 P’s of Marketing” diminishing and ideas to reverse course
  • The reasons why not every brand’s mission and purpose need to align with a social cause

 Key Highlights 

  • [01:45] Meeting Jean Claude Van Damme 
  • [03:30] From Hollywood aspiration to CMO
  • [06:30] What is Restore Hyper Wellness
  • [09:30] The potential of marketing and the role of CMO
  • [13:25] Importance of partnerships with other players in the C-suit 
  • [15:15] New growth titles and the specialization of the CMO role 
  • [19:00] The relationship between demand generation and brand marketing 
  • [22:15] The challenge of identifying upper funnel activity that drives conversion 
  • [23:30] Purpose and how it relates to marketing 
  • [27:35] Finding financial freedom and leveraging an entrepreneurial spirit 
  • [29:25] Focus on understanding business early on in your career 
  • [31:00] The importance of developing a holistic view of marketing 
  • [32:40] Brands to watch
  • [34:50] Losing your influence is losing your impact 

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