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352: How to Balance Brand and Performance to Drive Growth with Kristen D’Arcy, CMO at Homedics

352: How to Balance Brand and Performance to Drive Growth with Kristen D’Arcy, CMO at Homedics

In this episode, Alan and Kristen discuss how she became the Chief Marketing Officer of Homedics, the state of the industry, and the way Homedics markets to the modern consumer through both DTC and traditional Distribution channels. Kristen also outlines the recent brand refresh and the campaign that resulted in a rapid 80% D2C sales jump. Kristen credits this success equally to the creative, the media mix, and the improved website. Homedics plans to double its video efforts and is exploring opportunities for influencer partnerships in 2023. 

Kristen D’Arcy is an agent of change and has intentionally guided her career path to gain the skills she knew she would need to be a CMO. She is driving growth at Homedics by emphasizing the importance of consistency across assets, the perfect mix of brand and performance investments, and the need to maintain that balance even during tough times. Kristen is a huge believer that the right marketing drives growth and Homedics has incredible product lines and a unique family culture that empowers her to make amazing things happen. 

 In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • The details of Homedics’ brand refresh and the campaign that lead to an 80% sales jump 
  • Why marketers need nerves of steel in hard times to ensure long-term brand success
  • Homedics’ plans for the future

 Key Highlights 

  • [01:30] Learning resilience from Geoffrey the Giraffe
  • [04:55] From CRM to CMO
  • [14:00] Homedics: the scope of the business
  • [16:55] Breaking down the campaign led to an immediate 80% D2C sales jump 
  • [23:15] What is the brand plan for 2023?
  • [24:50] Balancing DTC and distribution partners 
  • [29:40] How Homedics is helping Bring Change to Mind 
  • [33:00] The hard conversation that taught Kristen an important lesson
  • [38:10] Where AI fits into marketing conversations  
  • [40:00] Brands to watch
  • [44:00] The unique threat the economy is posing for marketers 

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