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351: Designing The Brand Experience: From First Exposure to Advocate with Nick Horan, Global Brand Experience Lead for Vanish at Reckitt

In this episode, Alan and Nick discuss Nick’s thoughts on the future of Brand Experience, how he is approaching e-commerce and digital marketing challenges at a fast-moving consumer goods company, and the importance of physical experiences to the overall brand experience. Nick notes that brands are expected to take a stand on larger social issues and tells how Vanish is purposefully rebuilding a brand experience that encourages conversations and fosters a community around shared values and views.

Nick Horan is the Global Brand Experience Lead for Vanish at Reckitt. He is passionate about using design as a tool to drive intentional brand experiences and understanding the consumption habits of consumers to identify the touch point that will have the most impact. Nicks’s role is to craft the full brand experience framework from first exposure to becoming an advocate and repurchaser and translate this vision into a cohesive experience across various touchpoints in over 70 countries. 

 In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • What is Brand Experience
  • How Nick approaches physical design for brand experience
  • Why marketers cannot personalize an experience without truly knowing the individual

 Key Highlights 

  • [01:30] Nuclear Submarines and Product design
  • [03:05] Nick’s path to Reckitt
  • [05:20] How product design plays into Nick’s role as Global Brand Experience Lead
  • [05:50] What does it mean to be Global Brand Experience Lead for Vanish at Reckitt
  • [07:40] How Nick thinks about the function of brand experience overall 
  • [09:55] How does brand experience translate to Fast-Moving Consumer Goods
  • [11:35] What Vanish is doing to decrease waste in the fashion industry 
  • [12:50] How Nick is helping FMCG catch up with the deconstruction and reconfiguration of the historical business models 
  • [14:00] How is Nick approaching e-commerce and digital marketing with an FMCG brand
  • [18:50] Examples of how physical experiences play into the overall brand experience 
  • [20:05] Bridging the gap between physical and digital experiences 
  • [20:55] QR codes and how to utilize them effectively 
  • [22:45] The future of brand experience 
  • [24:30] Why personalization doesn’t always equate to the richness in engagement 
  • [25:50] Why Nick is so observant of how people interact with the world
  • [28:15] What advice would Nick give his younger self 
  • [29:15] Marketers need to lean into creativity for the omnichannel world
  • [30:15] Brands to watch 
  • [31:20] Opportunities and threats facing marketers today 

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