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350: Marketing Agility and the Secret to Direct Sales with Terry Haley, CMO at Pampered Chef

350: Marketing Agility and the Secret to Direct Sales with Terry Haley, CMO at Pampered Chef

In this episode, Alan and Terry discuss Terry’s unusual path to marketing, what he learned on his journey through food and restaurants, and the unique challenges and benefits of marketing within a direct sales model, like Pampered Chef. They talk about the history and mission of Pampered Chef, the importance of marketing agility, and the impact Covid had on the company.

Terry is CMO and Head of Product at Pampered Chef where he leads a team of 50 across brand, digital, growth, creative, product, and industrial design. Terry has a background in consumer-packaged-good and restaurant marketing but tells us direct sales requires different muscles. Terry approaches marketing with an appreciation of the differences in all business models and a recognition of the foundations that remain the same. By relentlessly focusing on the consumer and delivering a product that solves their problems, Terry creates trust relationships with the Pampered Chef Contractors who ultimately model the brand. 

 In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • Challenges Terry went through early in his career and what he learned from them
  • The similarities and differences of marketing within different business models
  • How Pampered Chef is maintaining consistency while not diluting the authenticity 

 Key Highlights 

  • [02:00] The role of athletics and cooking in Terry’s life
  • [04:20] How a Poli Sci major became a CMO
  • [12:00] How embracing challenging roles shaped Terry
  • [13:30 The similarities and differences of marketing within various business models
  • [17:45] The benefits of coming in with fresh eyes and being willing to learn
  • [18:50] Pampered Chef business overview 
  • [21:30] The competitive advantage of having brand consultants 
  • [23:20] How Terry is maximizing Pampered Chef’s unique sales model
  • [27:00] How Pampered Chef’s sales force navigated the shift to digital through Covid 
  • [32:15] Which Covid changes will phase out and which are here to stay?
  • [35:50] What Terry learned from a misstep early in his career 
  • [42:25] Balancing patience and tenacity 
  • [46:00] Why marketers need to build up broader business acumen
  • [50:00] Brands to watch
  • [52:30] Measurement marketing and proving value without losing the art

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