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343: Being a Data-Driven Agile Leader with Stacey Pool, CMO at Noodles & Co.

As a world traveler who loves to learn, Stacey Pool embodies the “growth mindset”. With over twenty years of experience in consumer marketing, she has held a variety of leadership roles across multiple industries and has a strong track record of utilizing guest insights to deliver strong business results.   

In this episode, Alan and Stacey discuss the brand refresh she is leading at Noodles & Co. with digital initiatives and data components. Stacy knows it is people that fuel it all and has learned that being a balanced leader requires you to be able to adjust quickly to changing needs.

 In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • The importance of broadening your skill set and being an agile leader
  • The way digital and physical engagement intersect 
  • How Noodles & Co. is using data to improve both the guest experience and profit margins

 Key Highlights 

  • [03:45] Dow did Stacy end up as CMO at Noodles & Co.
  • [07:00] How lateral moves helped Stacy in her current executive roles
  • [09:00] The importance of agility and cross-training in leadership 
  • [10:45] What Stacy learned from her transition to the food industry
  • [13:20] Noodles & Co. overview and differentiators 
  • [15:20] The new brand positioning Stacy brought to the company
  • [18:25] The 100-day action plan and how it had to be adjusted
  • [21:00] How Noodles & Co. is approaching the digital transformation 
  • [24:00] The data world Noodles is trying to build 
  • [26:50] How data storage and usage have evolved
  • [28:25] How Stacy approaches the people side of the business
  • [32:10] The two experiences that shaped who Stacy is as a person
  • [33:50] Why people should give themselves more grace 
  • [35:15] The importance of CDPs for marketers 
  • [37:22] The work Stacy is doing with Community First and other brands to watch 
  • [40:15] The threat of the unknown and the need to pivot quickly 

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