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34: CMO Linda Boff markets GE as a digital industrial company

Linda Boff

Linda Boff is the CMO of GE, a behemoth company with over 300,000 employees worldwide. While certainly an established brand, it’s a company in transition, and Boff has been leading that charge, not only to evolve but to make things better for people they serve. As she says, “We’re five years into what is a huge transformation for the company into what is the world’s leading industrial digital company. A company that makes things … but also connects things.” She goes on to add: “What I mean by that is, how can GE, using data, analytics and insights, help our customers be more productive.”

In this podcast, she discusses change, storytelling and her desire to find ways to things that haven’t been done before.

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today” podcast include:

  • Getting out of your bubble and listening. (2:41)
  • Thinking horizontally and vertically: Challenge and opportunity in dealing with multiple stakeholders. (4:20)
  • From industrial mega corp to world’s largest digital startup. (6:39)
  • Looking for unexpected ways in: Bringing pride, humanity and personality to life. (10:17)
  • Looking at B2B through a different lens. (13:45)
  • Boff discusses her inspiration: Finding ways to do something that hasn’t been done before. (22:14)