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335: The current state of D&I in corporate America with Global Diversity and Inclusion Leader at Merck, Celeste Warren

The state of diversity, equity, and inclusion has changed rapidly since the pandemic. Thankfully, Celeste Warren is here to help us understand how to navigate it. No matter if you’re a C-Suit executive, a middle manager, or an individual employee she takes us through the important steps you can take to become a D&I ambassador and how it impacts the bottom line. 

In this episode, Alan and Celeste discuss how recent events have changed the way we think about D&I, as well as why having a good grasp on it is vital to connecting with your customers and retaining top talent.   

In this episode, you’ll learn:  

  • How social and cultural factors shifted the importance and implementation of D&I practices   
  • Ways leaders and employees at every level can enact change  
  • Why understanding D&I is vital to successful marketing campaigns  

Key Highlights  

  • [04:10] Celeste’s path to D&I at Merck 
  • [10:00] What inspired Celest to write her new book 
  • [13:40] The current state of D&I in corporate America 
  • [18:15] The importance of C-Suite leaders taking accountability  
  • [20:30] The role of middle management  
  • [25:25] How can individuals be D&I ambassadors 
  • [29:15] Three easy steps to become an ambassador 
  • [33:35] Why understanding D&I is vital to successful marketing  
  • [38:10] How can organizations do social activism the right way 

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