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333: The Importance of Customer Experience with Co-Founder & CEO of Squeeze Brittany Driscoll

Brittany Driscoll, Co-Founder & CEO of Squeeze

After surviving her battle with cancer, Brittany Driscoll puts a lot of consideration into what really matters to her. That care translates into the customer experience she is creating at Squeeze. She embraces who she is and utilizes the strengths of the team she surrounds herself with to revolutionize what it means to win customer loyalty.

In this episode, Alan and Brittany discuss how being your authentic self, investing in relationships and people, and reflecting on how customers feel after they encounter your brand leads to long-lasting success. 

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • The importance of curating the customer experience
  • Tactics to Increase memberships without the hard sell
  • How embracing vulnerability and individualism benefits your business

Key Highlights

  • [04:30] Brittany’s path to entrepreneurship 
  • [11:35] How Squeeze came to be 
  • [17:00] The importance of starting with your goals in mind
  • [21:20] What to consider in scaling a business 
  • [23:25] Membership experience  vs. sales based businesses models 
  • [25:20] What roles does marketing play in the customer journey
  • [28:30] How to foster the right culture by embracing vulnerability
  • [33:50] How switching sports in high school prepared Brittany to be a CEO
  • [36:50] Brittany’s advice to her younger self
  • [39:00] Why you need to understand people’s personal motivations
  • [40:20] Thinking about what your company is doing beyond what you’re selling
  • [44:20] The biggest opportunity for marketers today

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