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331: Modernizing a 135-year-old Brand with Avon’s Global CMO Kristof Neirynck

Kristof Neirynck, CMO at Avon

The task of revitalizing a 135-year-old brand for today’s market is daunting, but for Avon’s Global CMO Kristof Neirynck, that’s just the challenge he wanted to tackle. Moving from Walgreens Boots Alliance (when we last spoke with him in episode 208), Kristof saw the overwhelming opportunity to bring his keen eye for storytelling and passion for data into a company that has been on the decline. He’s steering the ship in a positive direction for not only consumers but for their unique brand ambassadors as well, their representative “Avon ladies”.

In this episode, Alan and Kristof reunite to talk about his new role at Avon, how he’s working to revitalize the brand, and the key innovations being introduced to modernize the storied company. Listen in to hear about how their business structure affects women’s livelihoods, the focus on purpose and giving back, and what Avon is looking for in their marketing talent.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The purposefulness of the Avon business structure
  • How Avon is modernizing their selling channels
  • Which generation is the highest growing group of Avon representatives

Key Highlights

  • [02:29] Kristof’s path to Avon
  • [06:46] The empowerment of women through Avon
  • [08:39] Kristof’s role as Global CMO at Avon
  • [11:15] Avon’s challenge of brand consideration
  • [13:42] Expansion of selling channels for a historic B2B2C brand
  • [15:54] Avon ON app as an innovative selling tool
  • [19:54] Revitalizing and modernizing the brand
  • [24:45] The type of marketing talent that Avon is looking for
  • [27:48] An experience that defines Kristof recapped from episode 208
  • [28:30] What marketers should be learning more about
  • [31:16] Brands and causes we should notice
  • [32:56] The largest opportunity or threat for marketers today

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