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328: Building for Your Customers’ Future Journey Today with Andrew Zimmerman, CEO of Journey

Andrew Zimmerman, CEO of Journey

Andrew Zimmerman is the CEO of Journey, an innovation and design consultancy that works across the physical, digital, and virtual landscape. Andrew recently formed this future-forward company with the help of enthusiastic backers and several acquisitions, allowing it to quickly expand and scale.

In this episode, Alan and Andy discuss how brands can leverage emerging technologies to envision and create the next evolution of customer experience.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why you should be developing a voice interface for your product or organization
  • How to think about what your customer’s journey will look like in the future
  • Why you can’t apply traditional thinking to the new ‘worlds’ being created today

Key Highlights

  • [01:42] A teaser for Andy’s bestseller “Journey”
  • [08:00] Andy’s move from CEO of Frog to CEO of Journey
  • [12:25] What made it easy for Andy to raise funds
  • [14:36] Looking at the next generation of customer journeys
  • [19:15] Why Andy calls voice interfacing the “unheard channel”
  • [22:40] Analyzing the wild, wild west that is the Metaverse
  • [28:33] Blurring the lines between physical, immersive, and virtual worlds
  • [34:25] What marketers should be learning more about
  • [38:40] The biggest opportunity or threat for marketers today

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