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32: Elizabeth Windram of JetBlue finds excitement in ideas taking flight

Elizabeth Windram

Elizabeth Windram, director of Brand and Advertising at JetBlue, arrived at her destination in marketing after stops in finance and MBA school. For her, it’s not just coming up with the big idea so much as it is to trust your instincts and follow through; believing in what your gut is telling you while listening to other viewpoints and making the work better.

“As long as you don’t mess with the core insight, you’re probably still OK,” says Windram. “Where I won’t make changes is if something is fundamentally changing the thing that made it right and that made it work to begin with.”

In addressing the collaboration and differing opinions inherent in bringing an idea to market, she goes on to add, “It’s also knowing when you don’t have to take someone’s opinion. Sometimes it’s enough to say, ‘OK, I’ve heard you and I’m not doing that. And here’s why.’ But, I think listening, at least, goes a long way.“

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today” podcast include:

  • Trust your gut: Knowing when an idea is good. (4:59)
  • Bringing people along: Pushing ideas through in the face of challenges. (8:18)
  • Cultural relevancy: Joining in conversations big and small. (9:50)
  • From finance to marketing: In retrospect, the journey all makes sense. (10:57)
  • It’s been said before, but it’s not really a job if you love what you do. (13:35)