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317: The Power of Connection with The Meet Group’s Catherine Connelly

Catherine Connelly, Co-founder and SVP Marketing at The Meet Group

Starting her first company at age 15, Catherine Connelly is all about meeting new people. As the SVP of Marketing for The Meet Group, the top provider of live streaming video and creator economy solutions for a number of the world’s top social apps, Catherine relies heavily on that connection to her users for audience engagement and growth.

In this episode, Alan and Catherine discuss her extraordinary career path, iOS changes, The Meet Group’s differentiating model for monetization, and the importance of storytelling.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to update your tactics for performance marketing
  • The future of social media monetization
  • The importance of PR and storytelling

Key Highlights

  • [0:42] First business at age 15 with her two brothers
  • [04:25] Catherine’s career path
  • [12:24] Having a place to connect with others
  • [15:48] Knowing where your users are; how to update your tactics
  • [17:04] How iOS changes affect acquisition efforts
  • [19:39] Monetization of The Meet Group
  • [23:57] Catherine’s role at The Meet Group
  • [27:45] Best tactics for performance marketing
  • [31:38] App Store optimization
  • [37:31] PR, storytelling, and making viral or sharable moments
  • [42:49] A moment that defines who Catherine is today
  • [44:59] Catherine’s advice for her younger self
  • [47:22] What marketers need to learn more about: macro trends and think scrappy
  • [49:54] The companies and causes Catherine follows: Oasis Consortium
  • [52:40] The biggest opportunity for marketers today: Apple really makes things up

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