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314: Technology, Touch, and Trust with Truist’s Vinoo Vijay

Vinoo Vijay, CMO at Truist

Vinoo Vijay, now CMO of Truist Financial, is back on the show to discuss purpose-driven strategic marketing. During his first episode with us, Vinoo shared his story about coming to the U.S. at age seventeen, eventually leading him to be the CMO at H&R BlockAlly, and now Truist.

In this episode, Alan and Vinoo discuss how his team carefully balances technology with touch to create a client experience unlike any other in the banking space. Vinoo shares about developing and positioning the Truist brand, how his team reinforces purpose on a daily basis, and his vision for marketing.

Listen in for Vinoo’s advice on weaving your purpose into your daily life and making your strategic marketing efforts a success. 

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • Empower your team to align their personal purpose with your organization’s purpose
  • Identify your problem before attempting a solution
  • Reinforce your purpose on a daily basis 

Things to listen for: 

  • [03:00] Vinoo’s career journey and passion for finance
  • [08:00] Making a positive impact as a company
  • [11:30] Managing the evolution of Truist
  • [13:00] Creating a space where people want to be
  • [15:30] Developing and positioning the Truist brand
  • [20:45] Reinforcing purpose on a daily basis
  • [23:00] Aligning personal and organizational purpose
  • [26:00] Connecting client experience with business needs
  • [30:00] Vinoo’s vision for strategic marketing
  • [35:30] What CMOs need to do to be successful
  • [36:15] What marketers should be learning more about
  • [38:20] The biggest threat and opportunity for marketers today 

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