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300: Innovating When You’re Already Digital-First with Quontic Bank’s Aaron Wollner

Aaron Wollner, CMO at Quontic Bank

Aaron Wollner is the CMO at Quontic Bank where he is helping lead the charge of becoming the first digital bank in the metaverse.

On the show today, Alan and Aaron discuss his path to becoming CMO, where he got his start, and how multi-variate testing and other analytical approaches led to his belief around how to be data-led in a responsible way. Later, they discuss how Quantic Bank is an adaptive digital bank and how they are pursuing banking in the metaverse.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to innovate when you’re already digital-first
  • The importance of investing in people, not technology
  • What’s worth measuring and what’s not

Key Highlights

[01:30] Aaron’s take on being data-driven

[04:00] Aaron’s path to becoming CMO

[06:47] What it means to be an adaptive digital bank

[08:02] How Quontic was born

[10:03] How to innovate a digital bank

[11:37] Scaling and growing the market

[14:01] Building brand guidelines

[15:40] Investing in people versus technology

[17:44] Balancing what’s worth measuring with what’s not

[21:42] An experience that defines Aaron

[24:06] Aaron’s advice to his younger self

[26:49] Becoming the first digital bank in the digital metaverse

[28:29] The brands and organizations Aaron follows

[30:46] The biggest threat and opportunity for marketers

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