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299: Tackling Complex Business Problems with Boeing’s Ed Dandridge

Ed Dandridge, Chief Communications Officer at Boeing

Ed Dandridge is the Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer at the Boeing Company. In this role, he serves on the executive council and oversees all aspects of Boeing’s communications.

In this episode, Alan and Ed discuss the many executive roles he has had in the past. They also discuss what attracts him to challenging the assignments like AIG after the financial crisis, or Boeing after the CEO transitions, as well as the max airplane challenges that the company has gone through.

Listen to the full conversation to learn more about how Ed tackles complex business problems and how empathy is a key characteristic of diplomacy.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Where diplomacy and business intersect
  • How to tackle complex business problems
  • Why empathy is a key characteristic of diplomacy

Key Highlights

  • [02:50] Ed’s favorite memories living abroad
  • [05:25] How Ed got into Tufts
  • [09:13] Hired on at ABC
  • [11:30] The intersection of diplomacy and business in Ed’s career
  • [17:09] How Ed finds his next challenge
  • [19:29] What to think about when solving complex business problems
  • [21:15] What’s coming for marketers in 2022?
  • [24:04] The balance of external vs. internal
  • [27:49] Ed’s advice on retaining top talent
  • [31:02] Empathy is the heart of diplomacy
  • [37:05] An experience that defines Ed
  • [40:15] Ed’s advice to his younger self
  • [41:01] What marketers should be learning more about
  • [42:14] The brands and organizations Ed follows
  • [43:23] The biggest threat and opportunity for marketers

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