280: Marketing through an IPO with monday.com’s Molly Aviva Sonenberg

Molly Sonenberg, creative brand manager, monday.com

Molly Sonenberg is creative brand manager at monday.com where she drives the brand’s voice and keeps messaging consistent across the brand’s channels. 

In this episode, Alan and Molly discuss her insatiable need to work, how she ended up at monday.com, and how the company culture seeps through not only the product but their marketing as well. Molly says, “At monday.com we believe sharing knowledge makes you a better leader and leads to increased success for the organization.”

Listen to hear why culture is so important at monday.com and how they approached marketing while the company was going public.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Sharing information leads to success
  • You should be nicer to yourself
  • Marketing partnerships are underrated

Key Highlights:

  • [03:08] Molly’s journey to monday.com
  • [05:41] What is monday.com?
  • [08:03] Culture defines everything at monday.com
  • [12:17] How does culture affect marketing?
  • [21:22] How does Molly combat Imposter Syndrome?
  • [28:35] Brands to take notice of
  • [30:54] What’s the biggest threat for marketers today?

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