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28: Martech and “the spirit of the pioneer” with Hancock Whitney Bank CMO Dan Marks

Dan Marks

Dan Marks is the CMO for Hancock Whitney Bank, a regional player in the Gulf South area with a footprint spanning from Houston, Texas, to Tampa, Florida. In November of 2016, he was honored by the CMO Club with their peer-nominated President’s Circle Award.

Dan is always looking to the future and believes in the strength of the marketing stack, which he describes as “the next-generation way to talk about all the technically or digitally enabled technologies that are important to operating today and will become even more important to operating in the future.”

Dan also believes in an agile approach marked by collaboration among segments of the company that aren’t part of the marketing team: “For marketing to be successful, we can’t operate in a vacuum.”

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today” podcast include:

  • Dan’s philosophy regarding teambuilding efforts: Finding the right fit in culture and in values. (5:02)
  • Two elements that help manage balance in a company: 1) Building relationships. 2) Good ideas come from everywhere. (7:24)
  • Digital innovation and transformation: Getting better at what’s relevant to the customer. (11:10)
  • Discovering new marketing talent: An innate sense of curiosity and the “spirit of the pioneer.” (18:45)
  • Fuel for success: Mutual respect, faith and the pursuit of excellence. (20:57)
  • Mission-based focus versus short-term success: Finding inspiration in other brands and companies. (22:46)