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277: Becoming Technology Forward and Data Reliant with Roku’s Sweta Patel

Sweta Patel, VP Engagement Growth Marketing, Roku

Sweta Patel is the Vice President of Engagement Growth Marketing at Roku where she’s responsible for increasing user engagement on the Roku Channel. Since joining the company in 2020 Sweta has created campaigns and workflows that drive user loyalty and increase customer lifetime value.

In this episode, Alan and Sweta discuss streaming, the rapid growth in the industry, and how they use the Roku platform to transform marketing. Sweta says, “Not only do you need the traditional business side of marketing, but you really need to be technology forward and data reliant.” 

Listen to hear why marketers should engage with streaming providers and how data plays a key role in their success.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why data is king
  • Why embed marketing into an experience
  • The future of data and marketing

Key Highlights:

  • [01:38] Sweta is an identical twin
  • [02:42] The start of Sweta’s career 
  • [05:51] What has changed in the industry
  • [08:20] Roku as a business 
  • [09:42] What is Roku Channel? 
  • [11:20] Embedding marketing into the platform
  • [15:53] The success of Roku Channel
  • [18:08] How marketers can work with Roku
  • [20:02] An experience that defines Sweta, makes her who she is today
  • [23:20] Sweta’s advice for her younger self 
  • [25:38] A topic marketers should be learning more about
  • [27:02] The brands and organizations Sweta follows
  • [29:34] The biggest threat and opportunity for marketers 

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