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271: Making Your Product Marketable, Valuable, and Usable with Innovatemap’s Christian Beck

Christian Beck, Innovatemap

Christian Beck is the Executive Partner at Innovatemap, where he focuses on growth strategy and design. He is also the host of the podcast Better Product. 

While Christian doesn’t consider himself a marketer, he and Alan discuss design, user experience, and how marketing is tied closely to his role. Throughout the rest of their conversation they also touch on how technology scale is outpacing human cognition, why that matters, and what making a good product is all about.

According to Christian, a “better product is marketable, valuable, and usable.” Since technology is evolving rapidly, companies must be really intentional about sticking to the fundamental design principles — designing around human behavior. What can marketers learn from design and vice versa? Listen to the full conversation to find out.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How technology scale is outpacing human cognition
  • Why better product is marketable, valuable, and usable 
  • The push for community in product spaces

Key Highlights:

  • [01:24] Why Christian doesn’t see himself as a marketer
  • [02:15] Why he started with design 
  • [06:20] Technology scale outpaces human cognition
  • [11:47] Who is Innovatemap? How did it begin?
  • [15:10] What makes a good product?
  • [18:36] How the Better Product podcast was born
  • [22:22] The push for community
  • [26:32] An experience that defines Christian, makes him who he is today
  • [28:22] Christian’s advice for his younger self
  • [30:02] What marketers should be learning more about
  • [33:58] The brands and organizations Christian follows
  • [36:35] The biggest threat and opportunity marketers face

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