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22: MikMak and Rachel Tipograph are shaking up the world of millennial marketing

Rachel Tipograph Founder at MikMak

Rachel Tipograph left her role as global director of digital and social media at Gap after a conversation with her boss where she asked, “How do we drive sales on the web, not annoy people, and even make Gap cool again at the same time?” His reply: “If you figure that out, that’s a billion-dollar idea.”

That conversation coupled with her recognition of the seismic upheaval underway in the digital marketing landscape led to the creation of MikMak — the first mobile video shopping network. Hailed as QVC for the Snapchat generation, MikMak works with brands to create short, shoppable, “minimercials” — all hosted by improv comedians. And it operates under the mantra of Watch – Laugh – Shop.

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today” podcast include:

  • Two factors that helped launch MikMak — the explosion of influencer marketing and the unbundling of media. (3:10)
  • Why e-commerce shopping should feel more like Netflix and Snapchat than Amazon and Alibaba. (4:45)
  • Marketing in the age of ad blockers and overwhelming sentiment against advertising. (5:52)
  • Designing the right canvas: A one-size-fits-all approach to marketing just doesn’t work. (7:45)
  • Putting data and creativity together is the marriage of art and science — the two have to go hand in hand. (9:45)
  • Reaching ad-averse populations: You get what you give. (14:30)
  • Writing the “book” that defines your brand: Creating content that beckons to key, like-minded influencers. (17:57)
  • Learning through (big) mistakes is the fuel that powers Rachel Tipograph to do what she does. (19:30)