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215: Refreshing a Brand and Person with NI’s CMO Carla Piñeyro Sublett

Carla Piñeyro Sublett, chief marketing officer at NI

During this 215th episode of “Marketing Today,” host Alan Hart interviews Carla Piñeyro Sublett, chief marketing officer at NI.

On the show today, we talk about Piñeyro Sublett’s background. She started at Dell, then became the CMO at Rack Space. We also talk about the year she took off to find ubuntu. Our conversation covers renewal within ourselves and how to bring our work and personal lives together.

Piñeyro Sublett’s begins by talking about her year of finding ubuntu when she took a year off from work and focused on reconnecting with the things and people that mattered most to her. She reflects, “I had to figure out who I was without work.” We talk about Piñeyro Sublett’s career journey and her long tenure at Dell. Then we dive into her current role at NI and its relaunch, which focuses on the impact of the engineer. She says, “We are setting out to elevate the role of the engineer in society and tell their stories.” Piñeyro Sublett reflects on how her year off made her more of a heart-led leader. She shares about her approach to organizational change, her passion for bringing more diversity to her industry, and NI’s social impact investing. Piñeyro Sublett reminds us that “work and the work that we do is one of our greatest platforms to do good.” This an inspiring conversation about valuing connection and leading with a bold vision.

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today”:

  • Carla’s year of finding ubuntu. 01:29
  • Carla’s blog about her year traveling the world with her family. 02:56
  • How the year off changed Carla. 03:46
  • How Carla’s career journey prepared her to be a CMO. 05:16
  • Dell’s culture when Carla worked there. 06:34
  • Carla’s role as the first CMO at NI. 07:53
  • The relaunch and rebrand of NI. 08:46
  • What NI does. 10:34
  • The changes Carla is making to the marketing organization. 11:19
  • Carla reflects on her roots in sales. 12:53
  • How Carla’s year off led to her focus on connection. 14:02
  • Carla’s approach to getting everyone on board with organizational change. 15:01
  • Carla’s passion for bringing more diversity to her industry. 15:57
  • NI’s social impact investing in the local community. 18:35
  • The Henry Crown Fellowship at the Aspen Institute. 20:11
  • Is there an experience in her past that defines who she is today? 21:12
  • Carla’s go-to drink. 22:12
  • What is the advice Carla would give to her younger self? 22:30
  • The most impactful purchase she has made in the last 6-12 months of $100 or less. 22:56
  • Are there any brands, companies, or causes that Carla follows that she thinks other people should take notice of? 23:28
  • Carla’s take on the top opportunity and threat facing marketers today. 25:38


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