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211: Moving and Shaking on TikTok with Evan Horowitz

Evan Horowitz, CEO at Movers+Shakers

During this 211th episode of “Marketing Today,” host Alan Hart interviews Evan Horowitz, CEO of Movers+Shakers, a go-to agency for TikTok.

On the show today, we talk about how Movers+Shakers came about, how it’s a family business with his partner, and we talk about some of the record-setting campaigns with e.l.f. Cosmetics, among other work.

Horowitz tells us how he started thinking like a marketer while giving campus tours as a Stanford engineering student. Then he shares how the idea for Movers+Shakers came out of the vision that “using original music, using movement, using dance, would be a way to stop the scroll and drive more engagement.”

Horowitz tells us how the viral e.l.f. campaign came about when they created an original song for a TikTok challenge, which leads to a discussion about what works on TikTok. Horowitz says, “I think one of the biggest challenges for brands when they’re looking at TikTok is they recognize quickly how different the platform feels from other platforms.” Movers+Shakers is translating brands into culture through music and movement, which is a great fit for TikTok. This episode will help you think about creative ways to create an emotional connection with your customer.

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today”:

  • How Evan started in marketing. 01:14
  • Evan’s transition from engineer to agency CEO. 02:27
  • The beginning of Movers+Shakers. 03:14
  • Evan describes running a company with his spouse. 04:38
  • Finding TikTok. 06:31
  • The elf campaign. 07:37
  • The extension of the original song “Eyes. Lips. Face.” 09:39
  • What works on TikTok. 10:38
  • The role of influencers and celebrities in the elf Campaign. 12:26
  • The DNA of Movers+Shakers. 13:34
  • Is there an experience in his past that defines who he is today? 18:18
  • What is the advice Evan would give to his younger self? 20:04
  • The most impactful purchase he has made in the last 6-12 months of $100 or less. 20:58
  • Are there any brands, companies, or causes that Evan follows that he thinks other people should take notice of? 22:20
  • Evan’s take on the top opportunity and threat facing marketers today. 23:32

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